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Our mission

Our commitment is to redefine toll payments as a liberating experience, by ensuring that every transaction symbolizes the freedom to move, explore, and thrive. We are dedicated to revolutionizing how drivers experience their journeys, making each ride an emblem of innovation, efficiency, and seamless connectivity.
Toll Roads


Tolling payment integration

Tolling & payment integration

Pay tolls electronically, without the need for cash or manual processing. Using RFID technology to automatically deduct tolls from drivers’ accounts, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion at toll plazas. 

Parking neoRide


Queue-less parking systems can benefit parking lot and garage operators by increasing efficiency and reducing the need for staff to manually manage parking. Overall, queue-less parking is a more convenient and streamlined approach to parking that benefits both drivers and operators.

Fleet management

Fleet management

From enhancing productivity to improving overall fleet safety, our services are designed to be your reliable partner in achieving operational excellence. With us, managing your fleet becomes not just a task but a streamlined and empowering experience.

EV Charging

EV charging 

Whether you’re on a quick stop or planning a longer trip, our commitment is to provide reliable and efficient charging solutions, contributing to a cleaner and greener transportation landscape. Embrace the ease of EV charging without the need for an app – just plug in, charge up, and drive forward into a more sustainable future.

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